Dealing with Water Seepage in Cinder Block Foundation Walls

Water Seepage Many modern homes today feature poured concrete foundations. It is therefore not surprising that there is a lot of information on how to repair and maintain these types of foundations. However, there are still many homes that feature cinder block foundations and homeowners searching for information on their repair and maintenance. Like other […]

Health Reasons to Address Basement Moisture Problems

Basement Moisture Are you experiencing a basement moisture problem? Many homeowners would prefer to ignore the problem entirely. They think that dealing with basement moisture problems is just too expensive and resource intensive. However, that leak in the basement has far reaching effects. Basement moisture affects more than the physical structure of our homes. It […]

How to Deal with Efflorescence

Efflorescence Efflorescence is a common occurrence when the concrete or mortar used for the construction of your basement contains excess salts. The salts are leached to the surface of the foundation walls as a result of water transfer. This results in white salt deposits on the surface of the foundation. These deposits often appear within […]

Crawl Space Encapsulation or Concrete Floor

Crawl Space Encapsulation As a homeowner faced with a damp crawl space, it is obvious that waterproofing it would be a good solution. It would ensure that space is kept dry. It is a no-brainer. However, having decided to waterproof the crawl space, you’ll now be faced with the decision of how to keep the […]

4 Common Causes of a Cracking Foundation in Carmel IN

Cracking Foundation in Carmel IN Homes are built to be resilient. However, nothing is completely perfect. It is therefore not uncommon to spot cracks and other imperfections in foundations. These flaws may occur during the construction phase while others may occur over time as the foundation settles or succumbs to external pressure. A cracking foundation […]