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Is Mold Growth Only a Seasonal Problem? | Anderson, IN

Mold Growth Mold is something that is everywhere, it is ubiquitous, in the air we breathe. The main reason for mold growth, however is the combination of three aspects- food, moisture, and the right temperature. All of these things are found in the winter months or the wet months. Does this, however, mean that mold is […]


Foundation Repair: Warning Signs and Professional Solutions | Valparaiso, Indiana

Foundation Repair: Warning Signs and Professional Solutions According to the Concrete Foundations Association (CFA), 60% of all homes built on expansive soils experience foundation distress. But that is not all. The National Realtors Association® (NRA) reckons that over 59% of houses built today will experience foundation weakness within 6 years of completion. Frightening Findings for […]


More Great Tips for Effective Crawlspace Waterproofing – Bloomington, IN

Crawlspace Waterproofing Do you want to have a safe and clean home? Crawlspace waterproofing will be one of your best investments. Waterproofing will prevent the crawlspace from flooding. It will also prevent many moisture related problems including mold and mildew infestations, rot, and pest infestations. If you want to enjoy the benefits of waterproofing for […]


How to Protect Yourself from a Basement Flood This Spring

Basement Flood To be forewarned is to be forearmed. As spring approaches, the chances of experiencing a basement flood are high. The snow is melting and there are heavy rains to contend with. Your lawn will probably look more like a river than the green oasis it was in the summer. In addition to all […]


These Tips Can Save You From a Spring Basement Flood in Carmel IN

Basement Flood in Carmel IN Winter is not usually the season where homeowners experience weather related flooding in their basements. But don’t let this seemingly innocent time take your mind from the importance of proper basement waterproofing solutions. Problems may be developing slowly around your property during the colder months that could result in flooding and […]

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