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Invest in Mold Testing This Summer Andersonville, IN

What’s on your checklist for this Summer? The beach, camping, a special vacation? You should add mold testing to the list. This is especially important after winter. This is because mold has now been linked to post-winter, summer induced allergies. Studies have shown that 1 [...]

Poor Indoor Air in Your Home | Carmel, IN

Sick Home Syndrome When a person catches a bacterial or viral infection, it makes the host's body a way to live, grow and feed off. That person can be called sick, as the body is unable to perform its regular functions effectively. The same thing [...]

5 Steps To Better Indoor Air Quality – Anderson, IN

5 Steps to Better Indoor Air Quality Air pollution has always been associated with the outdoors. You automatically think of smog, acid rain, and smoke being emitted by factories miles away. However, air pollution is much closer than you think. It’s in the air you [...]

Symptoms of Poor Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality Are you concerned about indoor air quality in your home? You should be. The state of the air in your home has a profound effect on your health. The best way to determine indoor air quality levels in your home is by [...]
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