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3 Brilliant Basement Finishing Ideas in Indianapolis IN 46201 to Make Your Downstairs Renovation a Success

3 Brilliant Basement Finishing Ideas in Indianapolis IN 46201

Finishing a basement can drastically change the function of your home. Previously unused space transformed into a living area, media room, bedrooms, or office creates a home with less clutter and more room, making for a happier family. If you’re considering a renovation, consider these 3 brilliant basement finishing ideas in Indianapolis IN 46201 for a fantastic final result.

1. Eliminate the possibility of water.

You may not have a consistently wet basement, but it only takes a little bit of water or moisture to ruin thousands of dollars of work. Many times it just takes a little change to ensure your basement will be free from water. A sump pump in the right place, a french drain outside, or waterproofing your foundation walls with a rubber membrane can save you a lot of headache in the long run.

basement finishing ideas in indianapolis in 46201

2. Choose Aqua Fiber Rock.

Lower levels tend to take a beating, especially if you host parties or let kids or teens hang out down there. A pool cue pulled back too far or an impromptu game of indoor floor hockey (we’ve heard it all!) often results in dings, dents, or holes in drywall. Aqua Fiber Rock is a great investment for active families, because while it hangs, looks, and paints like sheetrock, it is made from a material that is 100 time stronger, meaning you’ll never have to fill in a dent or patch a hole.

3. Add custom finishes that truly make it feel like a third floor, not a basement.

Crown molding, recessed lighting, quality doors, built-in features, and a custom staircase will transform your basement into the space everyone wants to use.

When transforming your basement into a living space, it’s important to consider all the details for a successful renovation. In the Indiana area, we specialize in basement waterproofing. You can be sure everything will be done right. For a no-pressure, FREE Inspection, contact us, and we will be happy to meet with you.

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