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Indianapolis Winter Thaw The Pre Cursor to Spring!

As the mercury in your thermometers begins its climb out of winter hibernation, so too does the chances of basement flooding begin for homes in and around Indianapolis. Perhaps in your haste to prepare your basement for the upcoming winter season, you missed a thing [...]
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Why You May Need A Dehumidifier In Your Basement This Summer

The basement of your home is usually either the gathering place or the storage space. Whether finished, semi-finished, or where all the old sports equipment goes to die, your basement is where the health of your home begins. Keeping your basement's relative humidity levels between [...]
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Do You Know Why Summer Heat Creates Basement Leaks?

In the summer, It's pretty frustrating when you go down in the basement and see moisture on the walls, dewdrops dripping from pipes, and puddles on the floor.  Not only is it a source of frustration, but it can cause damage to the basement as [...]
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Our new Indianapolis office Grand Opening

We’re excited to announce the Grand Opening of our new office building in Indianapolis on Pike Plaza Road! Over the past 20 years we’ve helped thousands of homeowners around Indianapolis and we’re happy to be growing in the community we call home.If you get chance [...]
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Your Summer Basement Waterproofing Checklist for Indiana

  Waterproofing your basement provides several benefits for your home and your family. Basement waterproofing can protect your investment, improve your property value, and safeguard your family's health. As the weather gets warmer and summer approaches, this is the perfect time to inspect your foundation [...]
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Water in my Basement: How Did It Get There & What Can I Do?

Your home is likely your most significant financial and emotional investment. It's more than just a place to eat and sleep. It's where your family spends time together and creates lifelong memories. Maintaining your home is important to your family's safety and health. Even the [...]
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