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4 Ideas to Deal with Basement Seepage in Indianapolis IN Permanently

Basement Seepage in Indianapolis IN

If your home has a basement, it is highly likely that you have, at one point or the other, struggled with water leakage through the floor and walls. There are many causes of basement seepage including poor surface drainage and foundation wall repair but the bottom-line remains that this is a danger to your home.

Once water seeps into the basement, you will have to contend with property damage. With time, the foundation walls will deteriorate to a point of compromising your home’s integrity. Moisture in the basement also leads to toxic mold growth and these spores will eventually find their way into the main house causing untold medical nightmares.

How do you deal with this menace once and for all? Here are some simple ideas:

  1. Stay on the Lookout

Most homeowners don’t realize that their basements are leaking until it is too late.  If you notice a musty odor or you realize that the carpet is always damp, then you should immediately call a contractor for a thorough check.

  1. Understand the Causes

Before you even call in a contractor, it is good to have an idea of what could be behind the water menace in the basement. For starters, look at the grading on your property because if it slopes towards the walls, it is a major cause of the problem.

Your downspouts and gutters should also be cleaned to avoid water dripping along the walls and while at it, ensure the downspout discharge pipe extends away from the walls. Other causes include foundation cracks, tree roots next to the wall, poor surface drainage and any other factor that inhibits smooth flow of surface and ground water.

  1. Go for a Professional

One of the major pitfalls for homeowners is to assume they can apply DIY techniques to solve basement seepage problems. You need to realize that a contractor is authorized to carry out such a project and in addition, they have the right tools and skills to effectively protect your home.

While DIY techniques might superficially resolve the issue, the underlying problem will not be taken care of. Take, for instance, using acrylic paint to prevent seepage; it might seem like an ingenious idea but you are just postponing the main problem.

  1. Maintain Your Basement

According to the National Foundation Repair Association (NFRA), the major reason why homeowners never detect basement seepage is because these rooms are neglected. If you have a dehumidifier for instance and you are using the room as a game room, identifying such problems is easier.

There you have it; you don’t have to keep up with the moisture problem in your home because you can solve it once and for all.

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