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4 Things To Consider When Looking For Sump Pumps In Anderson, IN

Did You Know

A study by the Basement Waterproofing Contractors (BWC) in 2011 found that over 69% of homeowners in North America cite basement maintenance as the most tedious home improvement chore.

A similar study by the Concrete Foundation Association (CFA) shows that over 80% regard water problems down there as their worst nightmare.

Well, if you are a homeowner, you are in luck because sump pumps technology offers the most affordable yet innovative solutions to your flooding issues. Indeed, the Basement Health Association (BHA) rates the effectiveness of a sump pump at 98%, which is quite impressive considering the stringent evaluation standards that this organization has.

Considerations when shopping for Sump Pumps in Anderson IN 46011

To appreciate how critical this system is you have to look at ingenuity behind its operation. Here are the key guiding factors when shopping for one:


1.How it Works

The pump unit works by removing water from a basin dug out on the basement floor and discharging it away from the foundation. To function optimally, the unit has a ground water collection system to route water to the basin, a pump, a discharge pipe to take excess water pumped out away from the foundation and an optional backup pump in case the main one stops due to power failure.


2. Types of Pumps Available

The first distinction bases on whether your entire pump unit is inside or outside the basin:

  • Submersible pump: This has its motor sealed within the basin and thus reduces noise production. What’s more, it comes in a corrosion-free casing to withstand its long stay in water. It is also safer especially if you have kids around as the motor stays hidden away in the water basin.
  • Pedestal sump pumps: These units have a motor attached on a shaft and placed outside the sump basin. They are more economical, suitable for small pits and easier to repair.

The other categorization bases on whether the pump is the primary unit powered by electric power or a backup, which mostly uses a battery. Backup batteries are critical in avoiding floods during storms if power goes off. Other varieties in the market include combination and sewage pumps among others.


3. Sump Pump Power Rating and Performance

Your system is only as effective as the power it has to drive out rising ground water. Standard units come in ¼ HP to 1 HP but the National Association of Realtors ® argues that the better performance unit to look at is capacity or the gallons of water it can discharge in one hour.

You also need to look at industry such as Sump and Sewage Pump Manufacturers Association (SSPMA) to ensure you make an efficient product.


4. Professional Installation and Maintenance

As a rule of thumb, never try DIY with sump pumps in Anderson IN 46011; it is dangerous and this is where a professional contractor comes in handy. They are able to gauge correct location, capacity needed in your home’s system among other factors.


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Put an end to dampness, cracks, bowing walls, mildew and musty smells with the Everdry Solution.



Put an end to dampness, cracks, bowing walls, mildew and musty smells with the Everdry Solution.



Put an end to dampness, cracks, bowing walls, mildew and musty smells with the Everdry Solution.

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