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basement rust

Should Basement Rust Be A Source Of Concern

Basement Rust

Taking care of an unfinished basement has to be one of the toughest home maintenance tasks. This space rarely gets any attention and it’s considered as an afterthought. It is no wonder then that when problems in this part of the house are discovered, it is always too late. One of the major problems you will have to deal with here is water leakage.

The Concrete Foundations Association (CFA) says over 67% of homes in the country suffer from basement water problems and as a homeowner, it is important to deal comprehensively with this issue. One of the best warning signs about water seepage here is basement rust. There are several metal items in your basement and a careful examination will reveal corrosion if there is consistent water or moisture entry into the room.

What Rust In the Basement Means

Abandoning your basement does not solve any problem and for this reason, you should remain proactive in taking care of this space. Any sign of rusting points to a bigger problem of water seepage. When water seeps through a foundation wall, the damage to metal fasteners and other metallic materials compromise the strength of your home’s foundation.

When these metals rust, they no longer boost the strength of the foundation. In case of heavy storms, the foundation might collapse, thus posing danger to the entire structure.

Handling Rust in Basements

To most homeowners, any form of rusting requires only thorough brushing and painting but this is not a lasting solution. If you notice any signs of rust in your basement, you need to call a certified contractor who will come in with diagnostic equipment and identify the water source. This should be repaired and an appropriate waterproofing system deployed to prevent future water entry.

If you attempt a DIY project for rust in your basement, it is not possible to comprehensively deal with the issue. A contractor not only carries out a waterproofing but also gives a guarantee on the quality of work done. The repaired appliances, piping or metal structures are repaired or replaced after the water issue has been conclusively dealt with.

The risk of ignoring basement rust is too big and for this reason, you need to proactively check for any signs in order to call in an expert immediately. Your home is an important asset and you need to keep it in tiptop condition. Go on and call in the best contractor in the area to ensure your home is safe.

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