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Basement Waterproofing Methods

It is not difficult to track a hardware store in the city and find out several quick fixes, solutions and techniques for basement waterproofing. All these solutions may be fruitful but only for a specific time period. The reason why most of these techniques fail to give a long term solution is that they overlook pressure which is a key factor.

Effects of water pressure

Water exerts pressure that leads it to flow into the houses. There are various methods available for basement waterproofing. All hardware stores keep coatings and interior sealants that can be used in repairing cracks but only for a temporary period of time till the water pressure forces through the applied sealant. Many people use this solution as it is affordable and easy to apply. However, the main concern is that it is a temporary solution for basement leak.

All such products ignore the actual cause of water getting accumulated in the basement of your house. The formation of hydrostatic pressure takes place when water is accumulated under your basement’s concrete flooring. When the saturated soil cannot absorb water anymore, it leads to the rise in the water table. The hydrostatic pressure is created by the water that has been pooled. It pushes against your building’s foundation thus forcing water inside a basement.

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Solutions for basement waterproofing

Apart from sealants, there are other techniques of basement waterproofing too. Sump pumps and solutions for water drainage both outside and inside your house can prevent water from getting accumulated in the basement. Pumping the water can prevent the collection of excess water into the affected sites. Excess water from the exterior of a house can be also removes using specifically designed drainage system so that water can be directed from your house’s foundation.

Your home’s foundation can get adversely affected due to lateral pressure. If the soil is less compact, its absorption factor is more. Such a soil is more expansive in nature. When water absorption causes the soil to expand, pressure is exerted. Any type of lateral movement is not good for your home’s foundation. Such movements result in undesirable cracks leading to leaks into a basement.

There are different forms of exterior waterproofing. The soil that surrounds your house needs to be excavated. Such a measure should be taken so that there is a proper seal just outside your building’s foundation. There should be thorough checking for cracks and leaks before being sealed with different types of coatings.

Usually, sealants are waterproof in nature. But they cannot bear the water pressure exerted again and again over time. So it is important that sealants and exterior coatings should be applied along with draining the water away.

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