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Our new Indianapolis office Grand Opening

We’re excited to announce the Grand Opening of our new office building in Indianapolis on Pike Plaza Road! Over the past 20 years we’ve helped thousands of homeowners around Indianapolis and we’re happy to be growing in the community we call home. If you get chance to stop by we’d love to show you around. […]


Everdry: The One-step Solution To All Your Basement Issues

For many households, crawlspace and basements are usually smelly and unutilized. However, your home can be different. Professionally done waterproofing, crawlspace covering, and basement repair are a couple of services that can transform your basement and crawlspace to perfect, managed, and functional areas for storage in your home. Got Water In The Storage Room? Nothing […]


Top 5 Dangers of Basement Flooding

There is nothing more frustrating than waking up to a flooded basement– and with all the work and the parties you have to attend, you might keep on saying you will pump it out tomorrow, which never comes. Water can accumulate in your basement for various reasons such as burst pipes, sewage breakups, inadequate drainage, […]


Basement Challenges in Indianapolis You May Find Yourself Facing This Winter

Winter is rapidly approaching and as you prepare to winterize your home don’t forget to include your basement. Basements are one of the most often overlooked areas of the home when it comes to winterizing. Overlooking your basement in your cold-weather preparations, however, can be costly, both in terms of your home itself and your […]


7 Insightful Maintenance Tips Every Sump Pump Owner Should Know

A sump pump is one of the essential features of your home. It prevents ground or rainwater from collecting in your basement by draining the water into a sump pit and pumping the water out of your foundation. To enhance the longevity of your sump pump, you need to show it some extra love so […]


Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Professional to Waterproof your Basement | Indianapolis, IN

Your home provides you and your family with security, identity, belonging, and privacy. However, structural issues in your house, such as a leaking basement and a damaged foundation threaten your haven. Handling a leaking basement is a headache for many people. You may not know what to do or who to turn to for help. […]


3 Causes of Bowed Basement Walls and How to Fix Your Bowing Walls Lafayette, IN

Bowed basement walls result when a building’s foundation walls curve inwards to form a ‘bow’. The commonest cause of a leaning or bowing basement wall is disproportionate lateral pressure on the wall’s exterior. When the wall becomes unable to withstand the pressure, it starts to curve and may develop cracks or even disintegrate. Bowing of […]


Repairing Cracked Foundations: The Use of Carbon Fiber Bloomington, IN

Foundation cracks can signify that the concrete is settling, or they can also symbolize a major structural problem in the foundation of your house. Whether the cracks on a foundation are the common ones associated with the settling of the concrete or are severe ones that need immediate intervention, you have to ensure that the […]


Complications With Your Foundation | Carmel, IN

Foundation Problems A home’s foundation is as essential as it sounds. Without a proper foundation, a variety of structural issues can plague a home that could end up costing you scads of cash to repair. But how do you know if a house has foundation problems, and how hard are they to fix? Is it settling?  The first step […]


Poor Indoor Air in Your Home | Carmel, IN

Sick Home Syndrome When a person catches a bacterial or viral infection, it makes the host’s body a way to live, grow and feed off. That person can be called sick, as the body is unable to perform its regular functions effectively. The same thing can happen to your home. When a building causes its […]

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