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Cinder Block Foundation Repair

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Before you engage in cinder block foundation repair, it is important to ensure that you understand what is causing the cracks in your foundation walls. The appearance of the cracks can tell you a lot about the underlying problem and help you determine the type of repair you need.

What the patterns mean

Before you call in the experts for the repair of your foundation, it is always a good idea to examine the cracks that are causing you so much anxiety. They can tell you a lot about the underlying problem and the solutions that ought to be applied to it.

  • Vertical cracks

These are usually as a result of the settling of the house. They typically grow over time. They are usually not a cause for concern until they become wider. At this point, they will allow water into your foundation. You will then have to deal with a waterproofing problem, which may be expensive to repair.

It is important to ensure that vertical cracks are repaired as soon as they appear. This is especially true where the cracks appear in more than one area. Multiple cracks on different parts of a concrete block foundation indicate the need for additional support to the wall.

  • Horizontal cracks

These are an indication of very serious problems with your foundation. The appearance of these cracks requires cinder block foundation repair as soon as possible. The cracks occur as a result of increased pressure from the surrounding soil on the foundation walls. The cracks are points of weakness in the wall. If the foundation is not repaired quickly, the wall is likely to collapse and the home with it.

  • Stair-step cracks

These cracks occur along the joinery points of the block work. They are an indication of uneven settling of the foundation. This usually occurs when the ground around the foundation loses moisture too quickly. The soil is therefore unable to provide adequate support to the foundation. The soil therefore moves and shifts under the weight of the home. These movements will cause the foundation of your home to do the same. The result is an uneven foundation.

DIY cinder block foundation repair

It is tempting to carry out repair on a block foundation yourself, especially since there is so much information available about it. However, it is more difficult than it appears. It is also important to ensure that the repair is well done as your foundation is the most important part of your home.

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