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Dealing With Crawl Space Moisture in Noblesville IN 46060

It is one of the most contested issues in the property construction industry, and over 26 years later, the jury is still out. The issue of crawl space in modern day building has been hotly debated, with construction industries arguing this space is invaluable, while energy conservation organizations have despised this space in equal measure.

Stuck with Your Crawl Space?

Well, if you bought a house built before the early 1990s, it is most likely that you are stuck with this controversial space. In fact, you must have realized the detrimental effects caused by frustrating crawl space moisture in Noblesville IN 46060 yet it seems there is no easy way out of the problem. Why is this out-of-sight space so divisive?

The U.S. Department of Energy has already released its findings on the effects of both vented and closed crawl spaces. The bottom-line is that this space causes myriad problems including:

  1. Mold growth, which causes respiratory health problems for your family.
  2. Damage to your utility facilities and the overall foundation beams supporting your home. Your precious home is in danger of collapse due to moisture leakage and flooding in crawl spaces below.
  3. Energy loss as air that is allowed into the space using vents condenses and clings on your floors thus it requires more heating to keep warmer.

There are other issues including creating fertile breeding grounds for pests such as rodents, which pose a health problem. In total, moisture underneath your floors is a time bomb waiting to explode.

Lasting Professional Solutions

Before you start researching DIY techniques to get rid of crawl space moisture in Noblesville IN 46060, you need to appreciate that this is specialized process involving sophisticated equipment and skills which only a qualified contractor possesses.

More importantly, these professionals will offer some of these lasting solutions:

  1. Crawl space drainage: These expertly lain pipes or tiles are aimed at draining ground and surface water around the corners of the walls and draining the same into a sump pump or another low lying area for discharge.
  2. Insulation: Foam insulation is the most popular solution and it involves both encapsulation and insulation in target areas such as rim joist, floors and walls. Rigid foam insulation helps keep out moisture and does not lose its R-value, meaning it is more durable than hitherto popular fiberglass.
  3. Vapor barriers: These help to keep out hundreds of gallons of water every year by preventing evaporation of water into your crawl spaces. What’s more, it prevents flow of air which is a major carrier of moisture droplets into these spaces.

Other solutions include dehumidifiers and vent covers. Luckily, your experienced contractor will help identify the most applicable crawl space moisture depending on the cause of moisture leaks in your home.

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