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Sump Pump Battery Backup In Indianapolis IN

If you’ve ever had a sump pump fail, it is an experience you will never forget. The first sign you may have that something has gone wrong is a terrible smell. You might think one of your pipes has burst because it smells a little like sewage.

By the time you discover that your sump pump has stopped working there is a good chance that water has already leaked out and has caused damage to your flooring or walls.

However, you can make a plan to be sure you’re never forced to clean up after a broken sump pump. According to an article in The Star entitled, “Unwanted Water In Your Home Means You Need to Find the Source” by Bryan Baeumler,

“A great idea with the sump pit is to look into putting in a battery so your pump will continue to operate if the power fails. Typically, power failure happens during a storm when you get lots of water coming in — and when you’ll need that pump working. You can also look into installing a backup pump… If you’re upstairs or away, and your pump fails, you really won’t find out until you go down to the basement and realize it’s been damaged and there’s all kinds of cost involved”

If your current sump pump doesn’t have a battery you don’t necessarily have to replace it, instead you can install a second sump pump battery backup in Indianapolis IN. The second pump is a redundancy measure, it will kick in if your first pump fails or if a storm knocks out power to everything including your primary sump pump. When you have two sump pumps, the odds of both of them breaking at the same time is really low, which means you’ll never be stuck tearing out drywall because water didn’t get pumped out of your finished basement before it could soak into your walls and carpeting.

If you would much rather be safe than sorry, please contact us, we would be happy to take a look at your current sump pump and get a battery-powered backup installed for you.

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