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Do You Know Why Summer Heat Creates Basement Leaks?

Do You Know Why Summer Heat Creates Basement Leaks?

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Why Summer Heat Creates Basement Leaks?

In the summer, It’s pretty frustrating when you go down in the basement and see moisture on the walls, dewdrops dripping from pipes, and puddles on the floor. Not only is it a source of frustration, but it can cause damage to the basement as well.

Let’s look at the reasons for that moisture, what kind of damage it can cause, and if anything can be done about it.

  • What Causes Moisture in the Basement in the Summer?

    So the obvious sources of moisture in summer are rain and humidity. But, how does the moisture get in the basement?

    Let’s start with humidity. Of course, in the summer, humidity is higher than in the winter. Why? Because warm air holds a lot more moisture than cold air. More dampness is noticeable because it’s more difficult for water to evaporate into saturated air than dryer air.

    Ducts and old basement windows can let in moist air. When the moist air comes in and the basement is air-conditioned, this can cause condensation or dew drops that form on pipes, windows, or walls.

    Also, when warm air rises in the basement due to the air leakage, moisture can be drawn up through sump pits or cracks and openings in the foundation.

    Vapor diffusion and capillary suction can draw moisture in through the walls and floors that are made out of porous materials like concrete.

    Rain is the main source of water in the basement especially when your basement is below the grade or ground. The ground is softer in the warm weather and can get over-saturated with water. The excess water has to go somewhere, so it leaks into cracks and openings in the walls and floor.

    Whether the basement is finished, or unfinished damage can occur to either one. For example, the air gets musty and the odor is not pleasant. This does not contribute to the quality indoor use of the basement.

    Carpets are stained, the drywall is degraded, and wood decays and rots. Cement walls and floors develop cracks and blistering and peeling paint. Even mold streaks can form.

    This is not an insurmountable problem. Action can be taken to keep moisture out of your basement.

  • What Can Be Done About Summer Season Moisture?

    There are some steps that you can take to reduce the amount of moisture in your basement.

    • Invest in a dehumidifier with a self-draining mechanism.
    • Maintain gutters and downspouts, so they direct the collected rainwater away from the house foundation and walls.
    • Leave the windows shut and replace old windows.
    • If you have a sprinkler system, make sure the sprinklers are not pointed towards the house. This will over-saturate the soil causing water runoff, especially, if it rains as well.

    If these steps reduce the moisture but do not eliminate it, these steps will help with that.

    • Install an interior drainage system with a sump pump.
    • Install an exterior drainage system such as French drains, perimeter drains, and sump pumps.
    • Install a vapor barrier, insulation, and air seal the basement walls.
    • Seal foundation cracks.
    • Grade the yard. If there are slopes that may point water in the direction of the house, this can keep water away from the foundation.

    Also, you can count on us to make sure your basement stays dry in the summer heat.

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Put an end to dampness, cracks, bowing walls, mildew and musty smells with the Everdry Solution.



Put an end to dampness, cracks, bowing walls, mildew and musty smells with the Everdry Solution.



Put an end to dampness, cracks, bowing walls, mildew and musty smells with the Everdry Solution.

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