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For many households, crawlspace and basements are usually smelly and unutilized. However, your home can be different. Professionally done waterproofing, crawlspace covering, and basement repair are a couple of services that can transform your basement and crawlspace to perfect, managed, and functional areas for storage in your home.

Got Water In The Storage Room?

Nothing can be more frustrating and a burden than a wet foundation. Whether you have an unfinished plumbing space or utilizing your basement for storage, any dampness can clasp hardwood flooring on the higher levels and produce destructive mold that may ruin your living room’s carpeting, drywall, and outlining.

What Leads To A Wet Storage Room?

Wetness in the storage room often comes from precipitation and melting snow. In fact, even a little snowstorm can trigger a waterspout.
For instance, a 1,400-square-foot rooftop collects 900 gallons of moisture for every last trace of falling rain. Groundwater, mostly caused by the underground springs, is also a common culprit for wetness in the basement.

When the water collects around your basement, it seeps in through cracks, joints, and absorbent material.

Here are some tips to avoid water in your basement and crawl spaces

1. Familiarize Yourself With Your Home

How well do you know your home? Whether you have just acquired the house or you have lived in it house for years, you need to know the physical status of every inch of your house at all times.

Take your time checking out all zones of your home to know whether there is a close-by source that may send water to your home’s lower establishments. This is the easiest way to avoid damp basements and crawlspace.

2. Introduce A French Drain

Ensure your crawlspaces are protected by introducing a French channel. A French channel is loaded up with pipe and gravel that redirects water from your crawl space.

French channels ensure no water collects and pools in regions around your basement and saturating the ground underneath.

3. Seal Cracks

When cracks form in unfinished crawl spaces, they allow water to leak in. These cracks are the number one cause of water in crawl spaces.
Inspect your crawlspace for any cracks and weak spots and if you discover any faults, seal them immediately by applying sealants.

4. Use A Dehumidifier

Moist basements and crawlspaces are good places for mold buildup, and high humidity levels can significantly worsen your home environment. You can solve this by using a dehumidifier to eliminate moisture from the air in these spaces.

5. Introduce a Sump Pump

You can also consider introducing a sump siphon. They are known for siphoning out groundwater from home. Subsequently, they block the water’s entrance into crawl plumbing spaces.

When installed appropriately, a sump siphon will decrease water in your unfinished plumbing space by redirecting water from your home.

6. Install a battery backup

Introduce a battery backup for the siphon, particularly in regions with a high water accumulation. Ensure the sump has a strong-fitting gasket cover.
Sump enhances the draining of the absorbent layer and footings. The sump will be at least 24 creeps beneath the basement and capable of mechanical drainage to eliminate any unwanted water.

We Can Help

A safe house for family members and property is the dream of every homeowner. At Everdry Indy, we are committed to seeing you realize this dream. We are experienced in basement and crawlspace waterproofing and foundation repair, offering patented, safe, and 100% successful services.

If you’re anxious about a damp basement or crawlspace in your home, don’t hesitate to contact us and schedule a free inspection. Let our experienced crew diagnose your basement issues and find the ideal solution for you.

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