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Do You Need to Repair Your Foundation Cracks in Indianapolis IN

Foundation Cracks in Indianapolis IN

Do you have foundation cracks? Repairing cracks in foundations can be expensive. Your foundation is important. You therefore need to act fast.

However, many people don’t realize that some cracks shouldn’t be a cause for concern e.g. cracks in plaster. So, how will you know when you need crack repair?

  1. Width of the cracks

One of the first factors to consider when determining whether you need foundation crack repair or not is the width of the crack. You will need to measure the width of the crack at the widest point. A simple tape measure will be adequate for this.

Cracks that measure more than 1/16- inch wide ought to be considered serious. These cracks are likely to allow water and pests such as termites in. Smaller cracks can be monitored for growth.

  1. Wet or dry

Check the crack to see if there are signs of leaking. The crack may be actively leaking and would therefore be wet. In some cases, a crack may leak while you’re not watching. You should look for signs, such as water stains, puddles or dampness near or around the crack.

Moisture damage is a major cause of foundation problems. It is therefore important to have leaking foundation cracks repaired as soon as possible.

  1. Signs of grinding

In some cases, a foundation crack may show signs of grinding. This means that the opposite faces of the crack are moving against each other. This often occurs as a result of changes in the immediate environment of the crack. These chances include humidity and temperature changes.

If there are signs of grinding, it is important to ensure that the crack is repaired as soon as possible. The crack is only going to get worse with time. It is also important that the underlying cause of the movement is addressed to prevent further damage to the foundation wall.

What about minor foundation cracks?

You may be wondering what you should do about minor cracks after evaluating your foundation cracks. The best thing to do is to closely monitor the cracks. Keep an eye on how the cracks behave over time. Do they grow? Do they begin to leak? Do they begin to show signs of grinding?

It is important to repair cracks as soon as possible. However, it is even more important to determine the problem that is causing the cracks and address the issue. You will need the assistance of a professional waterproofing contractor for this.

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