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Foundation Repair – Assessing The Severity Of The Damage – Lafayette, IN

Do you need foundation repair? Before you can determine what solution to apply to your foundation, it is important that an assessment is carried out to determine how severe the damage to your foundation is.

What to expect in an assessment

  1. Measurement of window and door gaps

The doorways and windows of your home will be assessed to determine the level of compromise to the structure of your home. Structural damage is apparent when doors and windows no longer fit their frames properly.

If there are gaps in the frames of your windows or doors when trying to close the door, they should be measured and the size noted. A larger gap that shows growth over time is a sign of a serious foundation settling problem that continues to worsen.

  1. Monitoring of cracks

Not all foundation cracks are the same. An experienced foundation repair contractor can gather a lot of information from observing the cracks in your foundation. They will examine the location, size, and shape of the cracks. They will also examine the cracks from the outside of your home. This will tell them whether the cracks are a result of settling or external pressure acting on the foundation. It will also tell them whether the cracks are structural or superficial.

  1. Your home’s exterior

It isn’t enough to observe the structure of the home and the foundation. If you want to apply a long term solution to the foundation issues you’re experiencing, you’ll need to determine the root cause of the problems. Your contractor will likely take a walk around the outside of your home to determine this.

This exterior assessment will involve looking at the lay of the land and how the landscape slopes. It will also involve checking the gutters and downspouts for drainage problems, observing trees and other shrubbery growing near the home’s foundation and looking for other drainage issues.

Experienced and skilled foundation repair contractors will help you identify anything that may be contributing to your foundation problems and help you find solutions for them.

Assessment of the foundation will help to identify any issues. It will help you make an informed choice when it comes to applying a long term solution for your foundation woes. Ensure that you hire a contractor who will carry out a comprehensive assessment before suggesting a solution for your foundation problems.

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