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Foundation Repair With Carbon Fiber – Different Applications – Carmel, IN

When it comes to weight to strength ratio, nothing in the construction industry beats carbon fiber. It is ten times stronger than bulkier steel and is more versatile. It is no wonder carbon fiber systems for foundation repair are becoming popular amongst waterproofing contractors.

Different applications

Carbon fiber systems come in a wide variety of configurations. When it comes to foundation repair, you’ll have the choice of using straps, whole sheets, or staples. The configuration you choose will depend on the type of repair to be carried out. It will also depend on the type of foundation you’re dealing with.

  1. Carbon fiber Straps

This configuration is probably the most popular in the market. Straps are ideal for reinforcing concrete block foundation walls that have bowed. They will act to stabilize the wall much faster than any other solution in the market. This is because carbon fiber straps are in contact with the wall through the length of the strap. They therefore provide support for the wall throughout the length of the strap. This is unlike steel beams, which are only in contact with the wall at the point of the greatest bowing.

  1. Carbon fiber Sheets

Carbon fiber straps are limited in their ability to perform under sheer loads such as settlement. Carbon fiber sheets offer a better solution for most basements since you can run them in just about any direction you want. They are therefore better able to handle sheer loads compared to the unidirectional straps.

Carbon fiber sheets offer greater support. Their woven construction enables them to provide multi-directional strength. They also offer a wide footprint on the wall. They are ideal for use on poured concrete as well as concrete block foundations.

  1. Carbon fiber staples

If you have significant cracks in your poured concrete foundation walls, epoxy injections will do nothing to repair the problem. You will have to reinforce the wall by installing carbon fiber staples. These will help to eliminate the movement of the wall on the two sides of the crack. This helps to prevent further cracking of the wall. Carbon fiber staples transfer the load on the wall away from the area of repair.

Carbon fiber is a great solution for foundation repair. However, it is important to ensure that you use the right configuration for the right application. Hire a professional contractor for the best results in repair.


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