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Why Is My Indianapolis Foundation Settling?

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Foundation settlement involves the movement or sinking of a building or its components to a point below the original position. The settling of an Indianapolis foundation can occur for various reasons including:


Most houses will experience foundation settlement to a degree. This is especially common within the first few years of construction. This movement however, is not usually significant especially if the soil surrounding the foundation is settling evenly. This settlement will occur until the soil reaches a point of compaction. This is the point of stability and further settlement should not occur.

If your home was built on substandard soil with incorrect moisture levels, you are likely to notice floor cracks, uneven ceiling beams as well as uneven floor joists. This is especially common in areas that have clay or sandy soils.

Moisture levels

The moisture levels of soils change according to seasons throughout the year. Water is therefore constantly moving through the soil. However, during extreme conditions such as drought, water in the soil moves at a higher rate.

Heavy rainfall can result in saturation of the soil with water within a short time. Water in the soil exerts pressure on the walls of foundation and may permeate the walls resulting in the formation of cracks and settlement. The pressure of the water against the foundation can also result in the foundation sinking because of lack of adequate support from the surrounding soil.

Poor construction methods

The settlement of your Indianapolis foundation may be the result of poor construction methods. If the contractor excavated too deep for the building of the foundation footing and there was improper backfilling following the excavation, you are likely to experience settlement.

Adding a new story to your home

Many people seek to increase their living space by adding new stories to their homes. However, your home’s foundation was designed for a specific number of stories. The foundation may not be strong enough to support the additional weight. The result will be significant damage on your home’s foundation. You are likely to experience foundation settlement if the existing foundation is not reinforced to support the extra weight.

If you notice cracks or signs of unevenness in your Indianapolis foundation, be sure to call in a professional contractor. This will ensure that the root cause of the problem is identified and a long term solution found. Using a professional will help ensure the safety of your home.

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