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Repairing Cracked Foundations: The Use of Carbon Fiber Bloomington, IN

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Foundation cracks can signify that the concrete is settling, or they can also symbolize a major structural problem in the foundation of your house. Whether the cracks on a foundation are the common ones associated with the settling of the concrete or are severe ones that need immediate intervention, you have to ensure that the cracks are repaired. If you ignore these cracks, they can expand and cause major damages to your house, meaning that you may have to incur costs in repair work.

The good news is that with advances in technology, there are many ways of repairing foundation cracks. This means that nearly all foundation cracks can be repaired effectively. One of the most reliable ways of repairing foundation cracks involves the use of carbon fiber. In this article, you will learn about carbon fiber and how it is used in repairing cracked foundations.

What is carbon fiber?

As the name denotes, carbon fiber is a fiber made of carbon. Fibers made of carbon have been demonstrated to be very strong. Hence, when several carbon fibers are interlaced or laid side by side, they are notably stronger than several other materials such as steel and others. It has also been established that when several strands of carbon fiber are arranged parallel to each other, they form very strong bonds and cannot stretch.

How does carbon fiber work in repairing cracked foundations?

Indoor Allergies | Bloomington, IN

It is the two properties that have be mentioned above – the ability of several carbon fibers to form very strong bonds and the inability of these strands to stretch – that are utilized when carbon fiber is applied in the repair of cracked walls. Notably, given that carbon fiber cannot stretch, it is very reliable when applied in foundation or wall crack repairs. Carbon fiber not only bonds to the wall but also ensures that the cracked area is effectively repaired and that the foundation or wall’s strength is restored. In other words, once carbon fiber has been applied to the cracked area, the wall will not be able to stretch further, meaning that the crack cannot expand or spread further.

What to consider when choosing carbon fiber for your foundation repair work

As noted above, carbon fiber is more effective if more strands are used and arranged parallel to each other. Good carbon fiber brands have thousands of strands of carbon laid side by side to guarantee strong bonds that cannot stretch.

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