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Simple Steps in Avoiding Basement Mold in Anderson IN

Basement Mold in Anderson IN

Are you concerned about basement mold? The best remedy for mold contamination is to prevent an infestation in the first place. The following four steps are simple and effective in preventing mold contamination in the home.

  1. Monitor moisture

There are various parts of the home that are naturally moist. These include the basement, bathrooms and kitchen. Ensuring that these areas are properly ventilated is important in preventing mold contamination. However, it is important to keep an eye out for any sign of moisture even after taking these precautions.

It is important for homeowners to recognize the fact that every home has mold spores. The fact that you don’t have a full blown infestation simply means that the mold spores are in small quantities and that the conditions in your home are not conducive for infestation. However, leaving moisture in your basement will give these spores the opportunity they need to establish and infestation. Be sure to clean up spills as soon as they happen. Ensure that surfaces are dry.

  1. Contain mold

If you find that you have basement mold, it’s important to prevent cross-contamination. This means closing your basement off from the rest of your home. Proper containment of your basement will help to prevent the further spread of mold spores from the basement to other parts of the home.

  1. Remove damaged items

The Center for Disease Control recommends that you remove any items that are contaminated when possible. If you have already spotted mold in your basement, many items are probably already infested even if they don’t already show signs of infestation. According to the CDC, two days of wetness is enough for mold to establish an infestation. You may or may not see the mold but you can be sure that it is present.

It is advisable to remove all organic items from the basement to allow for proper cleaning of the basement and prevent further spread of mold.

  1. Call a pro

You may be tempted to clean the basement yourself, but this wouldn’t be advisable. In many cases, mold infestations run much deeper than meets the eye. Mold may be in your HVAC system and other parts of the home. It is therefore important to have a professional inspect your home and determine how deep the infestation runs.

Professional remediation companies will ensure that all the mold in your home is removed. They will also guide you in preventing further infestation.

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