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Tips to Prevent Water Seepage through Foundation Cracks

Water Seepage

Have you noticed some cracks in your foundation? Even if the cracks aren’t leaking now, they will more than likely leak at some point in the future. The following are some tips to help you prevent water seepage through those foundation cracks.

  1. Clear the area around the foundation

You can start by clearing the area around your foundation of plants and anything else that would encourage the accumulation of water. This is especially important in the areas near the downspouts. Ensure that you clear a path that is at least 2 feet in width around the foundation.

  1. Extend drainage lines

It is important to check all drainage lines from your home and ensure that they are draining safely into the main drain or far away from the home. This goes for downspouts, sump pump discharge pipes and other drainage lines from the home.

If drainage lines are draining near the foundation, they will cause the soil around the foundation to take up more water. This in turn will result in increased hydrostatic pressure. You will experience water seepage as a result.

Extend drain lines and ensure that they drain a safe distance away from the foundation of your home.

  1. Insulate water pipes and water discharge lines

This is crucial especially in areas that experience cold and freezing winters. The freezing can cause pipes to burst. This will result in leakage of water and water seepage. You can prevent this by insulating the pipes.

  1. Waterproof your basement

If you notice cracks in your basement, the best thing you can do to prevent water seepage is to get in touch with a professional waterproofing contractor. Have them inspect the cracks and your property in general. They will guide you on the best method to use for waterproofing your foundation.

Why you should act as soon as possible

Are you still sitting on the fence as to whether you should do something about the cracks in your foundation or not? You may want to consider the consequences of seepage and flooding in the basement, which include:

  • Mold infestations
  • Loss or damage of property
  • Electrocution hazards
  • Expensive repairs

These are just a few of the problems you are likely to face if you don’t attend to the cracks in your foundation as soon as possible. Just because the cracks aren’t leaking now doesn’t mean that they will remain that way for the long term.

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