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What is a Sump Pit?

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Sump Pit

In areas that are prone to excessive rain or where the water table is high, a sump pit that contains a sump pump prevents the basement or crawl space of a home from flooding. Water in a basement or crawl space causes cracks in the foundation, structural problems, and mold growth which poses a health hazard to the residence’s inhabitants.

To install a sump pit, a professional contractor generally creates a hole in the floor of the basement or crawl space. The hollowed out area may be lined with brick, concrete or a pre-molded sump pit liner. Within the pit, a sump pump is placed. The sump pump is connected to a storm drain or municipal sewer system. A float on the sump pump automatically turns on the pump when water invades the sump pit. The pit is frequently covered with some form of mesh for safety and to keep things out of the pit. A sump pit that is installed in the floor of a finished basement is usually covered by an ornate grate to obscure it from view.

Sump pits and pumps require regular cleaning and maintenance by a trained professional to keep the pit area clean and the pump functioning. During an annual cleaning, any algae growth or debris are removed from the pit. A trained professional will also check all the pipes and fixtures on the pump for wear, leaks or other problems.

To have a sump pit and pump installed or for regular maintenance, please contact us. At Everyday Basement Waterproofing, we specialize in basement waterproofing, crawl space waterproofing, and foundation repair.

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