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When you should Consider Interior Basement Systems | Carmel, IN

Do you have a wet basement? The question isn’t whether or not you need waterproofing for your basement, rather it’s which type of system you should use for waterproofing. There is a wide variety of basement systems available today, and each of them is effective. They would not have survived in the market if they weren’t. However, not all are suitable for your particular situation.

Therefore, it is important to have your basement inspected by a professional waterproofing contractor. This will help you determine what is causing the leaking and how extensive the damage is. This information will be vital in helping you make a decision over which system to use for your basement.

When interior waterproofing is the best option

Interior basement systems often include the installation of a French drain and a sump pump. The drain works to help relieve hydrostatic pressure that may build up against the walls and floor of your foundation. These drains guide water away from the foundation wall and floor into a well. The water is then pumped out of the well by a sump pump.

While some people will argue that interior systems still allow water into the basement and therefore are essentially about managing water rather than waterproofing, there are various instances where these systems are a better option to exterior waterproofing.

When you should Consider Interior Basement Systems | Carmel, IN


  1. If you have drainage issues

If your land has issues with drainage, then you will need a way to reduce the hydrostatic pressure against the foundation wall. An interior drain will help to guide water away from the wall and therefore not only prevent seepage, but also bowing of your foundation wall.

  1. When you want to save money

If you want to save as much money as you can and still ensure that your basement remains dry, you should opt for interior waterproofing. Having these systems installed is often cheaper than exterior waterproofing systems.

  1. There isn’t enough space

If your foundation wall is too close to the perimeter of your property, you should consider waterproofing from the interior. This will ensure that you do not interfere with your neighbor’s property. You can keep the peace and still ensure a dry basement.

  1. If you want to save your landscaping

If you’ve invested a fortune to achieve curb appeal, you may not want to have the landscaping ruined by excavation works. You can avoid excavation of your landscape by having the drain installed inside the basement. Your landscape will remain safe.



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