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Why You May Need A Dehumidifier In Your Basement This Summer

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The basement of your home is usually either the gathering place or the storage space. Whether finished, semi-finished, or where all the old sports equipment goes to die, your basement is where the health of your home begins. Keeping your basement’s relative humidity levels between 30-60% is critical to ensure what’s going on above your basement is safe.

What is a dehumidifier?

A dehumidifier is a unit that can range in size from a small, portable unit capable of serving one room to a unit that controls the humidity of the entire home through the existing HVAC. The purpose of a dehumidifier is to remove excess moisture by using a fan to move humid air over a cold metal coil that then condenses the air into water. The water is then drained away from the house by either a container or hose.

Why would I have moisture in my basement?

Many things can cause moisture in a basement. Some of them you may be able to solve without a dehumidifier, such as keeping downspouts and gutters clean and draining away from the home, using proper venting in bathrooms and kitchens, checking that clothes dryers vent to the outside properly, and being careful about watering close to the foundation.  Other moisture concerns are harder for the homeowner to control, such as:

  • Rain and groundwater – Water can enter a basement due to improper grading, intense soil saturation, poorly designed window wells, drain tiles and sump pumps working ineffectively, or structural cracks.
  • Condensation – When warm, humid air enters the basement through open doors or windows, condensation can occur due to contact with cool basement walls and floors.

What can moisture do to my home?

Moisture in your basement affects not only your home but the people living in it as well. Below are 5 major problems that can be caused by moisture in your basement:

  1. Electrical – A leaky basement can become a flooded basement. This can lead to the destruction of appliances and electrical components.
  2. Foundation – Most homes built on basements have structural support beams. A great deal of moisture or repeated moisture over time can cause those beams to begin to rot, undermining their integrity and could ultimately cause the foundation of the home to become unstable.
  3. Damage to walls and floors – Paint or wallpaper may begin to peel.
  4. Odors – When moisture is present, often a musty odor is as well. This is sometimes the first indicator of a moisture issue.
  5. Health Concerns – Residents of a home with basement moisture issues may begin to have asthma, allergies, or other respiratory issues due to black mold. Contrary to the sound of its name, black mold is often difficult to detect but occurs due to moisture present over a period of time.

In repeated, higher moisture level environments, damage to hardwood floors, trim, and the presence of mold can extend into the main level of the home as well.

What can I do about moisture in my basement?

Some moisture in your basement is to be expected. In the summer months, there is more rain and more humidity. This is the time your basement is the most susceptible to moisture. The best way to make sure the moisture levels in your basement are within a healthy range is to have a qualified expert measure the levels in your home and provide you with an appraisal of the cause of your moisture.

It may be that the excess moisture in your home is minimal and easily solvable with a few recommendations. However, if the problem is greater, Everdry has various options to keep your family and your home safe. Give the experts at Everdry a call or fill out a free inspection form online for peace of mind about your basement this summer.

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