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Worried About Foundation Cracks in Noblesville IN

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Foundation Cracks in Noblesville IN

Your home is a big investment and should be properly taken care of. However, even the best efforts to maintain your home in mint condition can fall short. Some problems are inevitable and among these, foundation cracks rank up there. The Concrete Foundation Association (CFA) says over 90% of all projects they handle have to do with cracked foundations.

If your home suffers from this problem, you need to carry out extensive repairs using an effective technique. The Stabl-Wall™ System not only helps deal with cracking but also provides more strength to the affected walls.

What Causes A Cracked Foundation?

There are multiple problems that cause this common foundation problem. The causes vary from region to region, but the need for immediate repairs remains urgent. Among the common causes of cracks in foundations include poor construction, plumbing leaks, floods, poor drainage, poor soil preparation, tree root damage, earthquakes, house settling, snow melt, drought and expansive/consolidation or heaving soils.

Are There Are Any Dangers of a Cracked Foundation?

Whatever the cause of your home’s foundation cracks, you must appreciate the urgency with which repairs should begin. Cracked walls are prone to water seepage, which can in turn cause property damage. During floods, the weakened foundation walls are at risk of caving in because their integrity has already been compromised by the cracks.

Water damage extends to wooden joists and iron fasteners making the entire structure weaker. As more water seeps into your basement, you have to grapple with toxic mold growth which poses health risks to your family. The high moisture levels in the basement will also affect the operation of the HVAC system leading to high energy bills.

How Stabl-Wall™ System Helps

While there are many ways of dealing with cracks on your foundation walls, the Stabl-Wall™ System stands out for many good reasons. This is an ingenious polymer wall bracing system that leverages space-age technology to deliver incredible strength to your walls. The system uses carbon fiber sheets that are fixed on an affected wall surface creating a permanent bond.

Carbon fiber technology is renowned for its strength because these sheets deliver 10X more strength than steel. The walls treated using this technology also benefit from increased strength and the homeowner is assured there will be no further damage to the walls.

The best thing about this foundation repair solution is that the technology doesn’t involve extensive excavation and will also not diminish the appearance of your home. If you are worried about foundation cracks in your home, talk to a certified foundation contractor and learn more about this innovative foundation repair technology.

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