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Sick Home Syndrome

When a person catches a bacterial or viral infection, it makes the host’s body a way to live, grow and feed off. That person can be called sick, as the body is unable to perform its regular functions effectively. The same thing can happen to your home. When a building causes its inhabitants to feel sickly and gives them infections or allergies, it could be a case of sick building syndrome. One of the most common causes is poor indoor air quality, perpetrated by spores and mold. Since people react and respond to mold in different ways, it may be difficult to pinpoint the exact reason or cause for why so many people are falling ill at the same time.

Mold and Sick Building Syndrome

A syndrome is a type of affliction that has multiple ways of manifesting itself. It may be a cold for some, red eyes and itchy nose for others, in other people, it may be a skin reaction and so on. Mold and spores associated with mold are known to have such effects on people, especially if they are easily affected by irritants. If there is a patch of mold growing near the HVAC inlets, it can quickly go to all parts of the house. That is one reason why you should be alert of mold growth and keep your home clear of it all times.

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If you are unsure about the mold issues, call an expert or professional to do it for you. Some types of molds can be difficult to clean, and will require a certain type of technique to clear effectively. If you are not sure if the cause is basement mold, then you can get a simple kit to check for yourself. Most molds are not dangerous or toxic, but they are bad for the building structure. You are better off not having any mold in your home either way.

You should note that mold is not the only reason for SBS, it can be caused by a number of things including asbestos, monoxide, lead-based paints, or even leaking AC coolants as well as radon. If you notice multiple people including your family and friends falling sick at the same time, you may want to start your search for mold, and call in experts to get your indoor air checked. For the most part, symptoms will go away once the contaminants are removed.

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