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Pay Attention To These Warning Signs Of A Basement Leak | Indianapolis, IN

Basement leaks are a common problem in Indianapolis, especially if the home is older or was built in a lowland area. Heavy rains and rapid snowmelt during the spring are two of the biggest culprits for causing serious damage if your basement is not properly [...]
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4 Tips for Maintaining and Repairing Your Basement Systems | Carmel, IN

  Basement systems need to be maintained regularly and repaired if they have defects such as cracks, moisture-related problems, and any other issues. While doing maintenance and repair work for basement systems may look like an easy task, it needs to be done by competent [...]
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3 Causes of Bowed Basement Walls and How to Fix Your Bowing Walls Lafayette, IN

Bowed basement walls result when a building’s foundation walls curve inwards to form a ‘bow’. The commonest cause of a leaning or bowing basement wall is disproportionate lateral pressure on the wall’s exterior. When the wall becomes unable to withstand the pressure, it starts to [...]
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Repairing Cracked Foundations: The Use of Carbon Fiber Bloomington, IN

Foundation cracks can signify that the concrete is settling, or they can also symbolize a major structural problem in the foundation of your house. Whether the cracks on a foundation are the common ones associated with the settling of the concrete or are severe ones [...]
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Invest in Mold Testing This Summer Andersonville, IN

What’s on your checklist for this Summer? The beach, camping, a special vacation? You should add mold testing to the list. This is especially important after winter. This is because mold has now been linked to post-winter, summer induced allergies. Studies have shown that 1 [...]
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Crawlspace Waterproofing – 4 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Crawlspace Inspected | Muncie, IN

  Are you in need of crawlspace waterproofing services? Many owners of homes with crawlspaces are not aware that they need these services until the damage to their homes is extensive. Identifying moisture issues in your crawl space is a great way to ensure that [...]
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