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Is Mold Growth Only a Seasonal Problem? | Anderson, IN

Mold Growth Mold is something that is everywhere, it is ubiquitous, in the air we breathe. The main reason for mold growth, however is the combination of three aspects- food, moisture, and the right temperature. All of these things are found in the winter months or [...]

Experiencing Dry Rot In Your Home? Call A Professional. | Indianapolis, IN

Dry Rot Do you have dry rot in your home? You may be tempted to handle the problem on your own. Many homeowners attempt to but find that the job is much bigger than they had anticipated. If you spot an infestation, you should consider [...]

Eliminate Basement Flooding Before Selling Your House | Bloomington, IN

If you have water leakage in your basement, and you're in need of selling your house, it's tempting to try to sell the house without getting rid of the leakage problem first. However, doing so would not be a wise financial decision. Keep reading to [...]

Foundation Repair: Warning Signs and Professional Solutions | Valparaiso, Indiana

Foundation Repair: Warning Signs and Professional Solutions According to the Concrete Foundations Association (CFA), 60% of all homes built on expansive soils experience foundation distress. But that is not all. The National Realtors Association® (NRA) reckons that over 59% of houses built today will experience [...]

Foundation Crack Repair Carmel, IN

Foundation Crack Repair Due to their rigidity, foundations have a tendency to crack over time. Minor cracks are often not a cause for major concern; however, major cracks should be tended to as soon as possible. Major cracks indicate signs of considerable movement and may influence the [...]

Best Basement Waterproofing Options When Faced with Damp Walls in a Finished Basement Bloomington Indiana

Best Basement Waterproofing Options When Faced with Damp Walls in a Finished Basement Do you have damp basement walls? This can be very distressing, especially when dealing with a finished basement. The excessive moisture can result in serious damage to your living area. Excess moisture [...]

Evaluating Crawlspace Waterproofing Company Reviews Indianapolis, IN

  Evaluating Crawlspace Waterproofing Company Reviews Are you looking for a crawlspace waterproofing company? You may have been advised to look at reviews of different companies as part of the process of making a decision. This is great advice and you should follow it. However, [...]

5 Steps To Better Indoor Air Quality – Anderson, IN

5 Steps to Better Indoor Air Quality Air pollution has always been associated with the outdoors. You automatically think of smog, acid rain, and smoke being emitted by factories miles away. However, air pollution is much closer than you think. It’s in the air you [...]

Foundation Repair – Assessing The Severity Of The Damage – Lafayette, IN

Do you need foundation repair? Before you can determine what solution to apply to your foundation, it is important that an assessment is carried out to determine how severe the damage to your foundation is. What to expect in an assessment Measurement of window and [...]

Foundation Repair With Carbon Fiber – Different Applications – Carmel, IN

When it comes to weight to strength ratio, nothing in the construction industry beats carbon fiber. It is ten times stronger than bulkier steel and is more versatile. It is no wonder carbon fiber systems for foundation repair are becoming popular amongst waterproofing contractors. Different [...]
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