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Is Your Basement Leaking? – Bloomington IN

Spring is a great time of year. The spring rains nourish gardens and bring life where the cold winter temperatures had caused destruction. However, spring is not a great time for basements. The rains can cause havoc to basement walls and result in basement leaking [...]

Tips For Reducing The Cost Of Basement Waterproofing – Indianapolis, IN

Damp basements can result in some serious expenses when it comes to repair and losses. You can save a significant amount of money by taking precautions to prevent the entry of water into your basement. • Invest in the installation of a waterproofing membrane Waterproofing [...]

The Causes and Risks of a Leaky Basement in Anderson IN

Leaky Basement in Anderson IN When was the last time you inspected your unfinished basement? This is a question that catches most homeowners off guard. The basement is considered one of the most difficult parts of the house to maintain in top shape. An easy [...]

Tips to Prevent Water Seepage through Foundation Cracks

Water Seepage Have you noticed some cracks in your foundation? Even if the cracks aren’t leaking now, they will more than likely leak at some point in the future. The following are some tips to help you prevent water seepage through those foundation cracks. Clear [...]

How to Choose a Solution for your Leaky Basement in Anderson IN

Leaky Basement in Anderson IN Are you plagued by a leaky basement? If you’ve searched through the internet for solutions to your problem, you’ve probably come across various solutions. It can be confusing determining which solution to apply to your problem. The following tips ought [...]

Basement Waterproofing Methods Differ and So Do Their Results

Basement Waterproofing Methods It is not difficult to track a hardware store in the city and find out several quick fixes, solutions and techniques for basement waterproofing. All these solutions may be fruitful but only for a specific time period. The reason why most of [...]

4 Ideas to Deal with Basement Seepage in Indianapolis IN Permanently

Basement Seepage in Indianapolis IN If your home has a basement, it is highly likely that you have, at one point or the other, struggled with water leakage through the floor and walls. There are many causes of basement seepage including poor surface drainage and foundation [...]

These Tips Can Save You From a Spring Basement Flood in Carmel IN

Basement Flood in Carmel IN Winter is not usually the season where homeowners experience weather related flooding in their basements. But don't let this seemingly innocent time take your mind from the importance of proper basement waterproofing solutions. Problems may be developing slowly around your property [...]

Make Your Basement a Safe Place to Work with Basement Structural Repair in Anderson IN

Basement Structural Repair If you decide to buy a home with an unfinished basement, you can generally save money on the purchase price because finished basements simply fetch a higher price due to their finished nature. However, most unfinished basements do not receive much care [...]

What is Basement Efflorescence?

Basement Efflorescence If you've never heard of efflorescence, you could walk by it in your basement every day and never really pay attention to it. However, if you've ever had a basement flood, you know what a headache it can be, so the chances are [...]
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