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A Guide to Finding the Best Crawl Space Waterproofing Contractor

Crawl Space Waterproofing The crawl space is the most neglected space in most homes. In fact, most people never think about it during home maintenance routines until it is probably flooded. While it is easy to ignore your home’s crawl space in home maintenance, what [...]
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Worried About Foundation Cracks in Noblesville IN

Foundation Cracks in Noblesville IN Your home is a big investment and should be properly taken care of. However, even the best efforts to maintain your home in mint condition can fall short. Some problems are inevitable and among these, foundation cracks rank up there. [...]
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Tips to Prevent Water Seepage through Foundation Cracks

Water Seepage Have you noticed some cracks in your foundation? Even if the cracks aren’t leaking now, they will more than likely leak at some point in the future. The following are some tips to help you prevent water seepage through those foundation cracks. Clear [...]
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The Top 3 Causes of Bowing Basement Walls in Indianapolis IN

Bowing Basement Walls in Indianapolis IN There are few things scarier for a homeowner than having to deal with bowing basement walls. For many homeowners, the bowing will be at an advanced stage by the time it is noticed. However, this doesn’t mean that your [...]
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Your Dry Rot Problem May Be Too Big to Do It Yourself

Dry Rot Do you have dry rot in your home? You may be tempted to handle the problem on your own. Many homeowners attempt to but find that the job is much bigger than they had anticipated. If you spot an infestation, you should consider [...]
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Simple Steps in Avoiding Basement Mold in Anderson IN

Basement Mold in Anderson IN Are you concerned about basement mold? The best remedy for mold contamination is to prevent an infestation in the first place. The following four steps are simple and effective in preventing mold contamination in the home. Monitor moisture There are [...]
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