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Foundation Repair: Warning Signs and Effective Professional Solutions

According to the Concrete Foundations Association (CFA), 60% of all homes built on expansive soils experience foundation distress. But that is not all. The National Realtors Association® (NRA) reckons that over 59% of houses built today will experience foundation weakness within 6 years of completion. [...]
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Dealing With Crawl Space Moisture in Noblesville IN 46060

It is one of the most contested issues in the property construction industry, and over 26 years later, the jury is still out. The issue of crawl space in modern day building has been hotly debated, with construction industries arguing this space is invaluable, while [...]
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Eliminate Basement Flooding Before Selling Your House

If you have water leakage in your basement, and you're in need of selling your house, it's tempting to try to sell the house without getting rid of the leakage problem first. However, doing so would not be a wise financial decision. Keep reading to [...]
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4 Things To Consider When Looking For Sump Pumps In Anderson IN 46011

A study by the Basement Waterproofing Contractors (BWC) in 2011 found that over 69% of homeowners in North America cite basement maintenance as the most tedious home improvement chore. A similar study by the Concrete Foundation Association (CFA) shows that over 80% regard water problems [...]
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Three Overlooked Signs of a Leaky Foundation

Aside from the obvious signs: smell, moisture and water, what are some of the signs that you may have a leaky foundation? If asked that question, many homeowners may utter a deafening silence, as they contemplate their answer. Much like our pets, our homes will speak [...]
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4 Simple but Effective Tips for a Healthy Basement in Greenwood IN 46142

If there is one area that is neglected in modern homes it has to be the basement. The fact that it is out of sight makes the situation worse because you only go down there when it is absolutely necessary. With neglect comes dirt and [...]
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