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Simple Steps in Avoiding Basement Mold in Anderson IN

Basement Mold in Anderson IN Are you concerned about basement mold? The best remedy for mold contamination is to prevent an infestation in the first place. The following four steps are simple and effective in preventing mold contamination in the home. Monitor moisture There are various parts of the home that are naturally moist. These […]


What is a Sump Pit?

Sump Pit In areas that are prone to excessive rain or where the water table is high, a sump pit that contains a sump pump prevents the basement or crawl space of a home from flooding. Water in a basement or crawl space causes cracks in the foundation, structural problems, and mold growth which poses […]


Do You Have a Sump Pump Battery Backup in Indianapolis IN

Sump Pump Battery Backup In Indianapolis IN If you’ve ever had a sump pump fail, it is an experience you will never forget. The first sign you may have that something has gone wrong is a terrible smell. You might think one of your pipes has burst because it smells a little like sewage. By […]


4 Things To Consider When Looking For Sump Pumps In Anderson IN 46011

A study by the Basement Waterproofing Contractors (BWC) in 2011 found that over 69% of homeowners in North America cite basement maintenance as the most tedious home improvement chore. A similar study by the Concrete Foundation Association (CFA) shows that over 80% regard water problems down there as their worst nightmare. Well, if you are […]

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